The Bright Side

Are you looking on it?

Vertical Gardening with Geoff Perry

Here are some pictures showing my "vertical garden"; the picture from above shows the tube for holding the kitchen peelings etc to make the wormery down the centre of the drum. The idea for this is anyone in a wheelchair or anyone who can not bend down, will be able to do some growing whilst sat down, as with a bit of space you can get right around the drum.

If you plant up the top you should get around 50 vegetable or flower plants in the drum. I'm going to try melons and butternut squash in the bottom two rows. The theory for this is, the worms will travel in and out the holes in the central tube from the decaying compost deposit their worm castings, which are a terrific fertiliser. And when you water from above the liquid will run through into the bucket underneath, which is then poured back in, so creating a continuous cycle i.e. pour it in the top, collect it in the bucket at the bottom as it drains through, then pour it back in again. Sounds easy doesn't it; watch this space.

Happy upright gardening, any constructive, (or otherwise) criticism will be welcome.  *:-SS nail biting*:-SS nail biting   Geoff

Carol's Quiz from Our Annual Barbecue

It's now a tradition that Carol Richards concocts a quiz to amuse and torture Members and Guests attending our annual barbecue at Penvale House, and here is her concoction for this year's which was held back in September.  If you prefer to print it, here is the PDF file for you to click on:
Carol's Quiz 2013.pdf

And finally if once you've thought, and thought, and thought and perhaps phoned a friend, you still haven't all the answers then just drop us a line by clicking here - Answers Please.

Michael's Picture from WCOS Autumn Show

I was pleased that my nagging emails did encourage some CRFS Members to go along to the fabulous Autumn Show of Orchids put on by West Cornwall Orchid Society (WCOS). And I was even more pleased to get this photograph from our Member Michael Simmens of Carol Richard's prize winning Phalaenopsis (one of a number of genera in the family Orchidaceae, and commonly known as the Moth Orchid).

Thank you Michael!

Our Show

Another year, another show,
Enter your fuchsias go on have a go.
You don't have to be a professional,
And you could even win a cup.

Go into your greenhouse, get looking,
Choose your best and fill in that form.
Now hand it in to Janet,
There see the hard part's done.

Carol is here with her bonsais,
Horace is selling the plants.
While Yvonne is looking official,
Gliding around as if at a dance.

There's eats and drinks in abundance
Served up my Gill and her "Mum".
I'm sure you will find something,
To satisfy your tum!

The array of plants is amazing,
They come from far and wide.
Marie has to open double doors,
To get their baskets inside.

From May and Michael Wingate,
Fuchsia Fanfare, newsletter with style.
Always plenty to interest,
The Crofts guarantee you a smile.

And finally a thank you,
For keeping this show up and running.
The hard work that goes into this,
Is down to Janet Cohen.

Megan Paxton, 2 August 2013

An Email from Geoff

Hi Ric, I attended tonight's club meeting, four of our own members demonstrating their individual ways of cutting back plants, taking cuttings, potting back and potting down.  Many questions were asked from the floor and were answered in a three dimensional way as we had three demonstrators doing their presentations simultaneously, this sounds complicated but, for me, it worked well and it was fun, as well as very informative. I'm sure those present went home full of enthusiasm to start next year's plants for the 2014 show.  Anyone who missed the meeting, missed seeing four of the best "IN THE WEST" growers/exhibitors showing their skills; these in-house speakers are more than equal to many of the speakers who visit our society. Thanks to all of you for a very enjoyable evening.

Happy growing

Geoff P

One of Carol's Ditties

Having nothing better to think about….. so maybe it could fill a corner!

I was speaking to a hippopotamus,

Who said ‘There’s rather a lot of us.

I think we should try it,

And stick to a diet,

So there could be an awful lot less of us….

Being British ....

A couple of my friends on Twitter have pointed me to the amusing observations of @SoVeryBritish which leave you murmuring "how very true, how very true!".

If you are a user of Twitter it's worth following.

A few nuggets from @SoVeryBritish:

Going for a 'cheeky' pint after work, meaning you'll get back home in time for Sunday.

Being on your second cold of the winter, despite it only just being autumn.

Bidding someone farewell and then striding off in the same direction!

The alarming moment when someone you've told to 'pop round anytime' decides to pop round!

The pressure of being the one who has to lean out of the window to open an old-style train door.

Being mistaken for a shop assistant and simply assuming the role as best you can.

Discovering you've run out of tea and wondering whether to call 999.

Not knowing whether to buy barbecue food for the weekend or to start building an ark.

Was It the Pollen that Did It?

I was watching a detective programme on TV the other night called 'Motive', and they were carrying out a post-mortem on the victim, and discovered pollen in his nasal cavities.  On examination they found that it came from Fuchsia magellanica aurea.  My ears certainly picked up at this point, and I realised also that they were holding a book on the subject and I was able to read the following : Blossoms profusely over a long period of time with many small hanging and tubular pendant flowers in brilliant shades of red and purple.  On another page it said it was a species of the flowering plant in the family Evening Primrose, native to South America.

Later on in the programme, when they caught the suspect, I saw the plants in hanging baskets, they were looking beautiful.

Don't worry, it wasn't the pollen that did the deed, he just inhaled it.

Many thanks to Maggie Gerry for this report.

Why "The Bright Side"

While I was racking my brains for a title for a miscellany of bits and pieces from Members and my own little world, I remembered a favourite song "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" which was written by Eric Idle and first heard as the close for  Monty Python's "Life of Brian".

This is how it goes:
Some things in life are bad,
They can really make you mad.
Other things just make you swear and curse.
When you're chewing on life's gristle,
Don't grumble, give a whistle,
And this'll help things turn out for the best, and...

And if it is now running around your head click on the arrow for the clip courtesy YouTube!